An accuracy flag means your student is getting many questions wrong within their training session. This article will explain how to use Membean's accuracy data to help your students.

Accuracy affects the number of new words your students see. Students with high accuracy will receive more new words than students with low accuracy.

Identifying Poor Accuracy

To view your students' average accuracy, generate a report. Beneath the Accuracy column, click on any number highlighted in yellow.

Click on Training Details to see additional information on the session.

Correcting Poor Training Habits

Here are some ways to help correct poor accuracy:

  • Talk with the student. The student may not realize that you can see their training patterns.
  • Ask a trusted adult to sit with the student for 2 or 3 sessions to monitor engagement. Once a student engages, they’ll begin to see more new words and more varied vocabulary.
  • Encourage the student to use the Note or Memory Hook Memlets. These Memlets help students create personal connections with the word pages.
  • Remind your students to engage in a training without distractions (TV, phone, friends, etc.).