Cloze questions (spelled with a 'z') or gap-fill questions are some of Membean's hardest. Students initially answer fewer than 1 in 4 questions of this type correctly. Over time this ratio improves. A frequent complaint is that clozes don't have enough context clues to pick the right word; if you pay close attention, however, you will discover that there are multiple clues distributed on the cloze question page that give sufficient information to answer them.

The Parts of a Cloze Question

All cloze questions have:

  1. A context clue included in the sentence
  2. The initial letter of the tested word with an option to add another letter using the "Another hint" button
  3. A quick definition of the tested word

What to Expect from Cloze Questions

Be prepared to get cloze questions incorrect, as most students do get them wrong initially. Clozes are NOT tested on quizzes, but nevertheless are very important in training. Treat clozes like a challenging game; pay attention to them and you'll see that the words you answer correctly will frequently show up in your writing.