You can see how you did during a specific training session by clicking on that session under the Recent Training section of your dashboard. This article will explain the information you'll find on the training session details page. 

Details about your training session

Information about a particular training session is shown on this page, including when you trained, for how long you trained, your accuracy, and any dubious minutes that may have been detected. You'll also see any training alerts that Membean detected, such as your pace being too quick. 

The words you encountered during this training session will be placed in the following categories:

  • Correct: these are words that you correctly answered questions for during this training session.
  • Incorrect: these are words that you missed questions for during this training session. 
  • Skipped: These are words that you marked as "I Know This" during this training session. These words will be be removed from further training and are considered words that you already know (they are fair game for your next quiz). 
  • New: these are words that you saw for the first time during this training session.