Wondering how you did on your latest quiz or writing assignment? We store this information under Graded Work. This article will show you how to access this information from your student dashboard.

Viewing your recent quizzes

In the Graded Work card, you'll see your quiz average, your most recent quizzes, how many questions were on those quizzes, and the individual quiz scores. Click on a quiz to see the specific questions and how you did. 

Viewing your recent assignments

If you click on Assignments in the Graded Work card, you'll see your most recent assignments and scores, your overall average score, the due date and current status of each assignment, how many words were included, and if your teacher left any comments. Click on an assignment to see your submission.

Viewing all of your graded work

To access a complete history of your quizzes and assignments, click View all graded work at the bottom of the Graded Work card. You'll be able to toggle between quizzes and assignments. Click on any quiz or assignment for more details.