If you would like to view your training accuracy, you can do so from your student dashboard. Checking your training accuracy can help you track your progress and make sure you're getting the most out of your training. It's also helpful if your teacher has an accuracy requirement that you need to meet. This article will show you how to view your training accuracy. 

Current Cycle Accuracy

Checking your current cycle's accuracy is easy! Just look over to the right under the Current Cycle card. If you need to see a past cycle, click the arrows next to the date.

Accuracy Over A Date Range

If you need to look up a specific date range or find a particular training session, follow these steps: 

  1. On your Student Dashboard under Recent Training, click View all training sessions.

  2. On the Training History page, click Find sessions

  3. Your Training History will open in a new window. Input the specific date range you would like to view.

  4. Then, select a specific training session for more detail on your accuracy.

How Accuracy is Calculated

Accuracy is calculated by dividing the number of questions answered correctly by the total number of questions answered. This means that you may have a training session with 80% accuracy and another with 60% accuracy, but your total accuracy is not 70%. Why? Because you answered a different number of questions during each session. 

In this example, perhaps you answered 48/60 questions correctly during the first session to get 80% accuracy and 24/40 questions correctly during the second session to get 60% accuracy. Combining these sessions gives you 72/100 questions answered correctly, or 72%.