You'll want to keep track of your training on Membean. Your Student Dashboard will show you how many minutes you have accrued throughout each day in the current cycle. You can also look up a specific training session or custom date range. This article will show you how to track your Membean minutes and make sure you're meeting your teacher's expectations. 

Viewing your current training cycle

At the top of your Student Dashboard, check out the Current Cycle card, where you will see all of your training for the current grading cycle. The progress bars represent each day in the cycle and the filled in bars show the days you trained. Green means you've met your time goal, and orange means you're not quite there. Hover over any day to see the number of minutes trained. You can see your total time and if you've met your teachers expectations over to the right. 

Viewing a custom date range

If you need to view your minutes for a specific date range, just click the search icon under the Recent Training card. On the next screen, input the specific training dates you'd like to view.

On this page, you can see helpful information for that interval such as the total time spent training, your average accuracy, the number of questions correct, and the total number of questions answered.

Viewing your training history

To see a complete history of your training on Membean, navigate to the Recent Training card. Then, click View all training sessions.