Membean assessments are timed and will auto-submit when the timer runs out. While you are able to extend the amount of time given to individual students, this article will inform you of the default amount of time given to students depending on the number of questions and their grade level.

Time Table

The following is a table of the amount of assessment time given to students taking a multiple-choice quiz based on grade level and number of questions:

Including SATA questions on the quiz will increase the time allotted, as these questions require more time to answer.

Time Allotted and Expiry Windows

When creating a quiz, you set your expiry window and students must complete the quiz within that window. Students will not be able to complete it outside of that expiry window, regardless of how much time would typically be allotted for the quiz. For example, on the chart above you can see that a 6th grader would be given 21 minutes and 25 seconds to complete a quiz of 30 questions. If you set your expiry window to 15 minutes, the student only has 15 minutes from the time the quiz is issued to complete the quiz. If they wait 10 minutes after you issue to begin, they will only have 5 minutes to complete their quiz. 

Viewing Quiz Completion Times

To view how long students took to complete their quiz, use the Completed in column on the assessment summary page. This will tell you how many minutes it took each student to complete their quiz. This is a great tool for determining how much time you should reserve in your lesson plan for a quiz. It's also helpful for identifying students who may need to take more time reviewing their answers before submitting their work.