A co-teacher has the same permissions as the primary teacher with the exception of deleting the class. This includes editing classes, adjusting student preferences, issuing assessments and assignments, viewing reports, and transferring and dropping students. This article will show you how to add and remove co-teachers. 

In order to add a teacher to your class, the teacher must already have a Membean account at your school. You can invite them to Membean by sending them an email invitation. Once they have created their teacher account, you can add them as a co-teacher.

Adding a Co-Teacher

Step 1: Click on the class you wish to add a co-teacher to.

Step 2: Click on the settings wheel icon, and then click on Manage Teachers.

Step 3: Begin typing the name of the teacher you wish to add to the class, and select the name when it populates. If the teacher's name does not show up, they probably do not have an account set up. They'll need to set up a teacher account before they can be added as a co-teacher. 

Step 4: Click Add Teacher to confirm.

A banner will confirm that the teacher has been added to the class.

Removing a Co-Teacher

Step 1: Just like how you added the co-teacher, from the settings wheel icon within the class, click Manage Teachers

Step 2: Click the drop-down menu next to the teacher's name and click Drop From Class.

Step 3: Confirm by clicking Drop Teacher From Class

A banner will confirm that the teacher has successfully been dropped from the class. 

This will remove the co-teacher's permissions, and the class will no longer display on their dashboard. If you are the co-teacher, this will remove the class from your dashboard.