Co-teachers can see shared classes on their dashboards, issue assessments, view reports, and manage students. This article will show you how to add a co-teacher to your class.

In order to add a teacher to your class, the teacher must already have a Membean account at your school. You can invite them to Membean by sending them an email invitation. Once they have created their teacher account, you can add them as a co-teacher.

Step 1: Navigate to your Class Dashboard

Click on the class you wish to add a co-teacher to.

Step 2: Manage Teachers

Click the Manage Teachers button.

Step 3: Add Co-Teacher

Type the teacher's name you would like to add.

Click Add Teacher to confirm addition.

The co-teacher will now show up beneath Teachers in Class.

Co-Teacher Capabilities

A co-teacher has the same permissions as the primary teacher with the exception of deleting the class. This includes the following:

  • Editing classes
  • Adjusting student preferences
  • Issuing assessments and assignments
  • Viewing reports
  • Transferring and dropping students
  • Deleting students