Training Reports provide you with a detailed account of your students' training. Membean will guide you through a wizard that will prompt you to customize your reports. You will be able to focus on the parts of training you care about most. You can then use your reports to grade or to monitor how well your students are training. Upon clicking into a class, reports will always default to the last completed training cycle. Check out this video for a quick guide to using reports. 

Training Cycles and Expectation

Membean will prompt you to set up a Training Cycle and Expectation upon creating each of your classes.

Training Cycle

A training cycle is the period of time that you use for grading. For example, you may require that your students train for a certain amount of time every week, every five days, or every two weeks.

  • Days: The number of days within your training cycle indicates the length of the cycle. Keep in mind that cycles are recurring, with no "down days" in between.
  • Begins Every/Training Starts On: If you have your training cycle set to 7 days, you will choose the day of the week that your cycle begins on. If your cycle is set to another length of time, you will choose a date for your cycle to begin on. Your cycle will automatically recur.
  • End Time: The end time of your training cycle is the time when your students need to have their Membean training completed. For example, if you have a 7-day cycle that starts on Tuesday with an end time of 5:00 pm, students will need to complete their training by the following Tuesday at 4:59 pm.


  • You plan on checking Training Reports every Friday after school. You set your training cycle to 7 days beginning on Friday with an end time of 3:00pm (Students must finish their Membean every Friday by 2:59 pm).
  • Your class meets twice a week, so you plan on checking your Training Reports every two weeks over the weekend. You set your cycle to 14 days beginning on Saturday with an end time of 12:00 am (Students have two weeks to complete their Membean training and must finish every other Friday by 11:59 pm).

Training Expectation

The training expectation is the minimum number of days and minutes that students should spend training every cycle.

  • Days: The number of days within your training expectation indicates how many separate days your students need to train in order to meet the required training for the cycle.
  • Minutes Per Day: The number of minutes per day within your training expectation indicates how long your students must train on each day in order to reach their goal.
  • Total Minutes: The total minutes within your training expectation indicates how many minutes overall your students must train per cycle.

Customizing the Data

As soon as the first student enrolls in your class, we'll create your Training Report with our recommended defaults. You should customize the data to include what you need for monitoring and grading your students. Just click the banner to learn more. If you want to stick with our default columns, dismiss the message. 

Parts of a Training Report

Quality Alerts

Membean Training Reports include an Alerts column that shows you when students are engaging in suboptimal training. Clicking on the alerts will give you more details. 

You'll see how many of each alert were present and the days on which those alerts occurred. Click on any date to view the Session Inspector

Session Inspector 

The Session Inspector gives you specific details about the training that occurred on a particular day. You can view information about accuracy, activity, review pace, session length, and skipped words by expanding any category. Any areas with suboptimal training will be highlighted. 

Dubious Minutes

Dubious Minutes indicate sessions of unproductive training. When we detect this type of training, the entire session is marked as dubious. You can learn more about dubious minutes here.

There are three reasons why a session is marked as dubious:

  • Inactivity: More than three instances of inactivity were detected in the session. Inactivity means no clicking or scrolling for at least two minutes.
  • Very Low Accuracy: We mark sessions as dubious if the student's session accuracy was below 30%.
  • Cheating: Students may attempt to cheat by using a script or program to train for them. For more information, please review our article on cheating.

Viewing Other Training Cycles

Upon clicking a class, Membean will generate a Training Report for the last full training cycle. You can toggle between older and newer cycles using the arrows by the dates at the top of the report.

Customizing your Report View

Clicking on the date range at the top of the report will allow you to customize your report for a different time period.

You can choose a date range by clicking on the provided date tags, or manually choose the bookend days for the range in which you wish to generate a report. 

You can also expand the bottom of the window and edit the columns and alerts shown on the report. Just click Modify columns & alerts for this view

Exporting to Excel

If you wish to export the data of the report for grading purposes, you can do so easily by clicking the export icon in the top right-hand corner.

The downloaded .csv file will contain a report of the customized date range and columns.