The All Words page shows all the words that you have encountered during your training, grouped into the following categories: Started Learning, Good Progress, Almost Ready, Ready, and Quizzable (school students only). Membean groups words based on the concepts of memory strength and stability. 

You can click on each category to see all of the words in that group. You'll also see a word count for each group, and the words are listed below in alphabetical order. Hover over a word to see the definition, or click a word to explore it in more detail. 

This article will explain the five categories.

Started Learning Words

These words include those recently introduced and those you may have only seen a few times. They are not stable yet, so you'll see questions about these words often. How long a word stays in the Started Learning category depends on your training. Your journey with each word is different; words that are less challenging for you will move to Good Progress more quickly than words that are more challenging for you. 

Good Progress Words

These are words that you are making good progress towards learning during your training. These words are more stable than your Started Learning words, which means you're likely to remember them longer. You will continue to see them frequently during training as Membean reinforces them to make them stronger and more stable.

Almost Ready Words

These words have become quite stable, but they still need more reinforcement before they are considered strong and stable enough for long-term retention. Moving words to the Almost Ready category can take time. 

Ready Words

These are words that you have a formed a strong, stable memory connection with during your training. When you check "I Know This" for a word during training, it will also be included in this group. Non-IKT words in the Ready category will still be reinforced during training, but you will see them less often because your memory of them is very stable. If you are a test prep user, Membean is confident that you are prepared to encounter these words on your exam date. 

Quizzable Words

(School students only) At this moment, these are words that are ideal for quizzes and writing assignments assigned by your teacher. These are words that you have  a strong connection with based on your training. The more stable a word is, the longer it will stay on your Quizzable list after reinforcement. Words that you selected "I Know This" for during training are also considered quizzable words. Words from all four of the readiness categories can appear on the Quizzable list.