The Words section of your student dashboard provides you with valuable information about your progress on Membean. This article will explain the information you will find. 

The Words section of your dashboard

  • You can see which Membean word list you are currently on. This student is on the High School word list.
  • Words in play tells you the total number of words you've encountered since you first started with Membean. For example, the student above has seen 353 different words throughout all of their training sessions.
  • The progress bars give you a visual of how you're progressing through Membean levels. Hover over any bar to see how many words you've learned out of the total words in that level.
  • You can see how many words you have left to learn in your current level before you're ready to move onto the next level. This student has 390 more words to learn before they'll move to level 3.