Your dashboard holds all the information you need about your training and progress on Membean. This article will help you understand and navigate the various sections of your dashboard.

Starting a Training Session

Click the blue Start Training button in the top right of your dashboard to begin training. 

Viewing Your Progress

In the Recent Progress section, you’ll see three numbers that will change as you train more and more:

  1. Words Growing Stronger: this shows the number of words that you have seen in your training many times. These words are not quite stable in your memory yet, but they are on their way. 
  2. Words Ready for Exam: this shows the number of words that are both strong and stable in your memory. These words don't require any more training, and you can be confident that you will know them on exam day. 
  3. Words Left to Learn: this shows the number of words you have left to learn on Membean. 

You'll also see your exam date and how many days you have left until that date. Membean will optimize your training routine to ensure that more words are remembered for that day. If you’re using Membean to prep for a test, make sure you set this accurately. If not, we’ll set it to the end of your subscription. 

In the example above, Katniss Everdeen has 84 words that she has trained on multiple times and is starting to remember, 54 words that she knows well, and 1,748 words that she still has not yet encountered on Membean. Her exam is on May 30th, and she has 65 days left to train before then. 

Viewing Your Recent Training

The Recent Training section provides an overview of your most recent training sessions. You'll see the dates, your accuracy, the length of your sessions, and alerts. We alert you to any issues we notice, like skipping too many words, having a low accuracy, or training too quickly. You can click on a session to see even more details. 

Viewing the Details of Your Training

Step 1: From the Recent Training section, click View all training sessions

Step 2: You will see your complete training history along with some lifetime stats at the top. Click on a training session to see a complete breakdown of that session. You can use the Find sessions link at the top right to search for specific sessions by date.

Step 3: Use the tabs at the top to see an overview of the session, the words that you answered correctly and incorrectly, the words that you skipped, and the words that were introduced for the first time. 

Viewing the Words You've Studied

The Words section is where you can go to see your progress and the words you've studied. The student below has 245 words in play, meaning they have seen 245 words on Membean so far. They have 81 words left to learn in level 1 before they'll move on to level 2. 

For a complete list of your words, follow these steps click All words learned

Your words will be broken down into categories based on their strength and stability. Hover over any word to see its definition, and click on any word to be taken to its word page. You can toggle between the various categories at the top. Learn more about what each category means here. 

Changing Your Exam Date

Step 1: Click Change exam date in the Recent Progress section. 

Step 2: Change your exam date, and be sure to click Update

Unskipping IKT Words

When you select I Know This for words during training, Membean assumes that you know this word already and that it is ready for testing. However, you may later realize that you don't know this word so well. To see all the words that you've skipped by clicking IKT, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click on the All words learned link at the top right of the Words section.

Step 2: Click on the Ready or Quizzable tab. These tabs are where all of your IKT words are housed. As shown below, they'll have a checkbox that says IKT next to them, and if you hover over the word you will see when you skipped it.

Step 3: Uncheck the IKT checkbox next to the word you would like to unskip (be careful, this cannot be undone). The word will be returned to the Started Learning tab and you'll see it again in your training. 

In some rare cases, you may want to unskip all of the words that you have marked as IKT. To do so, simply click the Remove all IKT words link at the top right of either the Ready or Quizzable tabs, and all of the words that you have skipped will be moved back into your training. 

Changing Your Email or Password

To update your email or password, click on the user icon at the top right of your dashboard, and select Settings.

On your Settings page you'll be able to update your name, email, password, and some of your training settings. 

Getting Help

If you have any questions, send us a message in the Get Help section of your dashboard.