Due to changes in Google's policies, Membean needs to be configured in Google Workspace for Education by October 23, 2023 to ensure students can log in to their accounts with Google. Complete this setup now to avoid disruption to account access.


On October 23, 2023, Google Workspace for Education will begin requiring all schools to manually configure third party apps that use Google Single Sign-On. This article will go over the steps you need to follow in your Google Admin Portal to configure Membean so students can use Google to access their accounts.

Add Membean as a Configured App

To complete these steps, you'll need to be an administrator for your school's Google Workspace for Education account. Once you're logged into the admin console, follow these steps to approve Membean. 

  1. Click the API Controls under Security > Access and data control.
  2. Click Manage Third-Party App Access
  3. Choose OAuth App Name or Client ID
  4. Search for Membean and click Select
  5. Check the box for the client ID and click Select.
  6. Set the scope of configuration. This should include all students and teachers who use Membean, so you can leave it as everyone within your organization, or you can select specific groups. Click Continue.
  7. Set the level of access to Limited or Trusted and click Continue. Limited access is all Membean currently requires. To future-proof your settings, choose Trusted.
  8. Review the settings for Membean and click Finish.

Once Membean is configured, students will be able to login with their Google accounts! 

What information does Google send to Membean? 

When students log in to Google, we receive the following information from their account: email, first name, last name, and Google user ID. Signing into Membean with Google does not provide Membean access to the students' Google Workspace Apps. We do not push any information to Google, either.

Why should we enable Google SSO for Membean? 

Google SSO comes with a range of benefits for your school, teachers, and students. With Google SSO, students do not enter any of their own information. All information is provided via the link to Google, so the school has control over what is shared. Enrolling and signing in with Google SSO is also quicker for students, and they don't have to remember their Membean login information.