A student will see more new words when they first begin Membean. Appearance of new words in Membean is non-linear. Teachers should not expect that students see a fixed number of new words each week.
  • Our Adaptive Reinforcement Engine continually analyzes every word for each student and computes a memory score based on many factors.
  • A word that falls below a certain “forgetting” threshold score is a candidate for reinforcement and is added to the reinforcement queue.
  • During each training session, words in the reinforcement queue are shown first Only if this queue is empty does a new word show.
  • During training, more words might be added to the reinforcement queue because, as training occurs over a period of time, some words might have degraded since the training session started.
  • If a student sees 25-30 successive review questions without seeing any new words, a new word is introduced to keep him motivated*.

Please Note: We introduced a “Strong Memory Mode” setting for student accounts that removes this. We recommend this setting for slower learners.

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