At some point, you may need to reissue an assessment for a student. Various reasons can prompt a reissue: an assessment was marked as suspicious, the student missed the assessment window, or the student was absent. This article will show you how to reissue an assessment for a single student or multiple students.

An entirely new quiz will be created upon a reissue. The student will not receive a retake of the original.

Viewing the Assessment

From the Assessments tab, click on the assessment you need to reissue. 

Reissuing for One Student

Locate the student who needs a reissue, and click on Reissue from the drop-down to the right of their name.

Reissuing for Multiple Students

Reissuing quizzes in bulk will save you time. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Use the checkboxes to select students who need a reissue.
  2. Click Bulk Actions.
  3. Click Bulk Reissue