This article will show you how to read the details of a school fidelity report. Fidelity Reports are an easy way to see a snapshot of your school's Membean usage.

Fidelity Reports are currently only available to administrators via a direct link, which you can request from support@membean.com. We are currently working on integrating this feature into our administrator dashboard.

Reading the Fidelity Report

  1. This widget shows general information about the school, including the expiration date of the account, how many students and teachers are enrolled, and how many subscriptions are allotted for the year.
  2. You can see basic information of each teacher, including their contact information, how long they have been on Membean, how many classes they have, and when they were class seen. Upon clicking the small clock icon, you will be brought to a view of their teacher dashboard.
  3. The area to the left of the class graph will give you statistics on the individual class, such as the number of students in each class, how many students are on each level, average assessment score, and average number of words seen by each student.
  4. The fidelity graph represents weeks of training. A red dot signifies that students, on average, did not meet class time goals that week. A green dot means that the majority of students did meet the time goal.
  5. A class that is doing very well will look like this. Students are doing very well on their assessments, and students are consistently meeting class time goals.
  6. This small page icon represents an assessment issued the week of the dot that the icon is above.