If you are a Membean admin, you have expanded access to help you manage your school's account. This article will show you what you can do as a Membean admin. 

Keep Your School's Membean Account Current

Your school's Membean account is easy to maintain. There are just a few steps that we recommend you complete at the transition between terms.

  1. Encourage teachers to delete old classes. Deleting classes will not delete students or impact their data. Teachers are encouraged to delete their classes at the end of the school year. This keeps the class data, such as Assessment History, nice and tidy. If it makes sense for your school, you can also delete classes in bulk.
  2. Delete teachers who are no longer at your school. Deleting former teachers makes it easy to see how many teacher accounts are active at your school.
  3. Invite new teachers to join Membean. Any teacher can invite new teachers, but it is more efficient to send invitations to all new teachers at the beginning of the year.
  4. Update administrator accounts. As an administrator, you can change who has admin rights at your school. If you are handing off the leadership reins to someone else, you can make them an admin. You can have multiple admins as well, so do what makes sense for your school.
    Only give admin access to people who have permission to view student information for all students enrolled at the school.
  5. Confirm your school's login settings. Is your school a Google school? If your students have Google accounts, we highly recommend enabling Google Single Sign-On (SSO) for your school to prevent duplicate accounts and forgotten passwords. If you want to set up Google SSO for your school, or if you already use Google SSO but your school's domain has changed, email support@membean.com.

Assist Other Teachers

As the Membean admin, you can assist other teachers in multiple ways. 

  • Add co-teachers to classes. Teachers can add co-teachers to their own classes, but they may come to you for assistance, especially if they're new to Membean. You can assist by masquerading as the primary teacher to manage their co-teachers
  • Transfer classes between teachers. Did a teacher take over a colleague's class? Or did a teacher need to leave mid-year? In these cases, you can help the transition go a little more smoothly by transferring classes from the old teacher to the new one
  • Reset student passwords. Are teachers having trouble with students forgetting their passwords over the summer? You can reset student passwords in bulk, so students begin the year by signing in with a temporary password. If your school uses Google SSO, we don't recommend resetting student passwords. Just remind students to click the Sign In with Google button on our login page.
  • View student activity logs. Sometimes teachers may come to you with questions about students who claim their minutes weren't recorded or who say they can't access an assessment. Membean Support is always happy to help with these situations, but it's often nice to be able to offer an immediate resolution. You have access to all student accounts, so you can help teachers troubleshoot or provide the information they need to have a productive conversation with the student. 
  • View and edit student preferences. Do you need to take a look at a student's preferences to determine the best way to meet their individual learning needs? You can view and edit the preferences for any student at the school. Remember to communicate with their primary teacher before making any adjustments. 

Monitor Membean Usage at Your School

As a Membean admin, you can request a link to your school's Fidelity Report from support@membean.com. The Fidelity Report gives you information about how often students are meeting their training goals and how often teachers are assigning assessments. Click here to read more about how to interpret the Fidelity Report