Lost minutes are not possible, even when the network goes down. It doesn't matter the kind of device from which a student accesses the Internet. If they log in, we track them. Membean maintains time stamps that begin when a student attempts to log in, and only end when she completes her session or closes the browser. A student cannot see another question or word page if the previous question or word page isn't registered with our database, so progress is impossible without time registration.

Here are some things to consider when a student claims that Membean lost their minutes:

Duplicate Accounts

Students sometimes create their own Membean accounts, or for some reason have two Membean accounts. The student might train on one account but the teacher has the second account on her dashboard. Please contact support@membean.com and provide the username that the student uses to train. We'll update the teacher dashboard.

Misreading the Dashboard

Sometimes, students mistake the "last session" graphic on the dashboard as the total time trained that day. Check your teacher reports and you'll see that all training time for the day is accurately captured. The student can click into their Activity Log to also verify that all minutes were captured.

Time Spent Outside Trainer

Time spent on the dashboard, whether reviewing words already seen, listening to a rootcast, using the dictionary, or looking through activity logs does not count as training minutes. Taking a quiz assigned by the teacher does not count as training minutes. While being on the dashboard might be fun, it is not training - Membean's Adaptive Reinforcement Engine cannot help students learn and retain when they are not in a training session.


If a student sits on a word page while being inactive, Membean will close out the training session. A student may leave their computer or tab out in the middle of a session, thinking that they're gaining minutes without training, but Membean will close them out of their session after a few minutes of inactivity, and no further "minutes" will be recorded.


Much as it pains us to say this, the electronic equivalent of the "dog ate my homework" is prevalent. We investigate a dozen spurious training claims a week. The pattern we've noticed is that these reports are always at their most frequent when a school just starts using Membean, and while students as of yet do not understand that we track every interaction on the site. Students who have been using Membean for multiple years never report this problem. In addition, these reports are almost always on homework assignments. Students rarely if ever report timing errors when training in class or under the supervision of a teacher.