When a student is enrolled in a class, it means that teachers can view all progression and student data from their own dashboard. This article will explain what is likely happening when a student claims that their dashboard is showing something different than what teacher reports show.

It's impossible for Membean to lose student minutes. More information can be found here.

The student has two accounts.

  • Sometimes, a student will accidentally create a duplicate account that isn't connected to a class, or is connected to a secondary class, and train on that account instead of their appropriate account.
  • These instances need to be addressed as soon as possible, as we cannot combine accounts.
  • Please email support@membean.com if you suspect that a student has a duplicate account.

The student is manipulating their evidence.

  • Sandbagging is easy to view because it is marked as dubious.
  • It is very easy to temporarily change HTML using a browser's "Inspect Element" function (Ctrl+Shift+I for PCs). Students can easily change any text on any browser page long enough to take a screenshot of it. A student may attempt to change the number of minutes on their dashboard and save the screenshot as evidence.
  • These local changes are not permanent, and the page will go back to normal once refreshed.
  • Do not depend on student screenshots as evidence. Email support at support@membean.com if you have questions about dashboard inconsistency, or visit the student dashboard yourself.