Preparing your Membean teacher account for a new term is simple. This article will show you what you need to do to when you transition from one group of students to the next.

Restore Student Training Settings

Membean offers myriad ways to accommodate unique learners. Some of these settings, such as those that fulfill IEPs or 504s or provide support to ESL students, may need to remain active on a student's account when they enter their new class. Some settings, however, may have been enabled to help support students temporarily. If you changed students' settings to provide short-term assistance, then restore those settings to default.

For example, some teachers like to stop the introduction of new words at the end of the term to help students prepare for an exam. If you stopped new words for your students, be sure to re-enable them before deleting your classes. This will ensure that once they leave your class, students will continue growing their vocabularies. You can enable new words by class by updating the setting in bulk.

Delete Your Classes

We recommend that you delete your classes whenever you say farewell to a group of students. This is true even if you are teaching the same preps again in the new term. 

Step 1: In the bottom left-hand corner of your teacher dashboard, click on Delete all Classes

Step 2: Confirm the deletion by typing DELETE in the field and clicking Delete all Classes. 

Deleting a class does not delete the accounts of the students within that class; it simply removes them from your roster. Their accounts remain active and can be accessed as long as your school's account is active.

Why We Recommend Deleting Classes Instead of Dropping Students

When you drop all students from a class, it appears as though your class is brand new. However, there will still be some old data connected to that class. Assessment data, for example, is retained both on the students' accounts and within the class. When students enroll in a class that's being reused, all the assessment data for the previous class reappears. Deleting your old classes and creating new ones when you have a new group of students will ensure that your class data is specific to your current group, keeping data like Assessment History tidy and easy to use. 

If you want to keep a record of your classes' Assessment History or of each month's Training Report, you can export them before deleting the class.