This article will explain the Membean calibration process and what to expect from it. Membean levels do not reflect student intelligence, lexile score, or grade level. They are simply a way for us to calibrate a student along our word list. Click here for more information on where our words come from.

Beginning Calibration

When a student logs into Membean, they will be prompted to begin the calibration process. The student will click the blue Start Calibration button. The process takes, on average, between 5-10 minutes.

Students will only calibrate once while using Membean. When they return next school year, they will continue from where they left off and not recalibrate.

How Calibration Works

Upon clicking the Start Calibration button, students will be asked to answer whether or not they know a word. The more real words that the student knows, the higher level they will be placed. Calibration may take several rounds.

High school students will calibrate on our high school list. Middle school students will calibrate across both of our lower-middle and middle-high lists. You can learn more about our word lists and their levels here.

Calibration contains pseudo-English words, or fake words, to prevent overconfident students from calibrating on a level that is too high for them. Students should calibrate as honestly as possible to be placed on the appropriate level.