Before you start: Membean's Google Single Sign-On must be enabled for your school. Please ask your teacher or school technologist if it's enabled.


This article will show you how to connect your Google account with your Membean account. Once set up, you can use your Google account to sign in to Membean. Before you begin, make sure you have the login credentials for both your Membean and Google accounts. If you don't have a Membean account set up yet, please ask your teacher to help you enroll first

Connecting Google with Membean

  1. Go to the login page at
  2. Enter your email or username and password. Click Sign In
  3. You'll be prompted to link your Membean account with your Google account. Click Sign In with Google
  4. After you log in to your Google account, we'll confirm that we have the right person. If your name and email are correct, click Yes
  5. Before we take you to your dashboard, we'll remind you that next time you log in to Membean you can just click the Sign In with Google button. Click Let's get started to be taken to your dashboard.

That's it! Your accounts are now linked. 

Signing In Next Time

Now that you've linked your Google account with Membean, you can easily sign back in with a single button click.

  1. Go to the login page at
  2. Click Sign In with Google
  3. You'll be taken to your dashboard and can continue learning.

Resetting Your Password

Membean cannot reset your Google account password. Please talk to your teacher or school technologist for help with resetting your Google password.