Before you start: Membean's Google Single Sign-on must be enabled for your school. Please ask your school technologist whether it's enabled.


This article will show you how to connect your Google account with your Membean account. Once setup, you can use your Google account to sign into Membean. If you don't have a Membean account please ask your teacher to help you enroll first.

Connect Google with Membean

You need your Membean account password and Google account password to complete these steps. If you've forgotten your Membean password you can recover it yourself or have your teacher reset it for you.

  1. Navigate to the Login Page at
  2. Click on Sign In with Google button.
  3. You will be prompted to log into your Google Account.
  4. If your Google email is the same email that you already use to sign into Membean, you will be brought to your dashboard.
  5. If your Google email is not the same email that you use to log into Membean, you will be asked to first sign into your Membean account in order to link both accounts.

Success! You've now successfully linked Membean and your Google account.

Signing In Next Time

Now that you've already linked your Google account with Membean you can easily sign back in with a single button click.

  1. Navigate to the Login Page at
  2. Click Sign In with Google.
  3. That's it! You'll be taken to your Dashboard Page and you can being learning.

Resetting Your Password

Please reset your Google account password or talk to your school technologist. Membean cannot reset your Google account password.