The Training History page has a range of useful information about your training sessions. Locate this page by clicking View all training sessions on the Recent Training card. This article will show you what you can find there and how to view a limited date range.

The Training History page

The Training History page shows you all of the training sessions that you've done with Membean. When you first open the page, the date range will match your first session on Membean through the present. You will see how many questions you got correct out of the total number of questions, your average accuracy, the total number of minutes you have trained, and the total number of dubious minutes you have accrued.

Each training session you've completed will have information such as when you trained, how long you trained, what your accuracy was, and any warnings that may be associated with that training session. You can click on a training session to view more details about it.

Viewing a Specific Date Range

You can search for specific training sessions by date if you'd like. Simply click the search icon at the top of the card, and then select a date range to search.

Click the "X" at the top right of the page, or the "Back" button at the very bottom of the page, to return to your dashboard.