Your student dashboard provides all the information you need about what your teacher expects from you and how your training is progressing. You'll land on your student dashboard each time you log in. This article will guide you through the different parts of your dashboard. You can also watch the short video below for a walk-through of your student dashboard:

How do I start training?

To start training, simply click the blue "Start Training" button at the top of your dashboard.

How close am I to meeting my training goals for this cycle?

The Current Cycle section has information about your training for this cycle. You can see what your teacher expects to the right, and progress bars showing how close you are to meeting those expectations. For example, if you are supposed to train for at least 10 minutes on 3 different days, you'll see a progress bar showing how many days you've trained for at least 10 minutes. Below the progress bar it will show how many more days you'll need to train for at least 10 minutes to meet your goal. Another progress bar shows you your total training minutes for this cycle, and below how many minutes you have left to train to meet your teacher's expectations. You'll also see your accuracy and any dubious minutes that have been detected this cycle.

How do I check if I met my training goals for the last cycle?

In the Current Cycle section, you can click the arrow icons next to the date range to show data from previous cycles. The information in the Current Cycle section will update to show both training and expectations for the date range shown. You can also click on the the date itself to see all of the training sessions that occurred during that cycle.

How do I see training information for a given time period?

To see what kind of training you've done during a given time range, simply click on the Search icon at the top right of the Recent Training section. 

From there, you can select a time range to look at, and below you'll see all the training sessions during that time period.

You'll also see some aggregate information about your training during that time period, such as number of minutes trained, accuracy, and questions that you've answered correctly.

How close am I to the next level?

You'll see a series of progress bars in the Words section that correspond to each level of the list you are currently working through (such as the High School List). Hover your mouse over one of the progress bars to see how many words you've trained on in that level. You'll also see text below the progress bars that shows how many words you have left to study in your current level before you move on to the next level.

How many words have I seen since I started with Membean?

In the Words section, you'll see how many words you currently have in play, which is the number of words that you have encountered during your training since starting Membean.

How do I "unskip" a bunch of words that I said I already know?

Once you remove IKT from a word, you cannot undo it. Before removing IKT, make sure that you want that word returned to the trainer.

When you select "I Know This" for words during training, Membean assumes that you know this word already and that it is ready for testing. All IKT words can potentially appear on your quizzes. However, you may want to change your mind. To see all the words that you've "skipped" by clicking "I Know This", simply click on the All words learned link at the top right of the Words section.

Skipped words will show up in the Ready and Quizzable tabs, so you can click one of those to see these words. As shown below, they'll have a checkbox that says IKT next to them, and if you hover over each word you will see when you skipped that word.

Simply uncheck the IKT checkbox next to the word you would like to "unskip" (be careful, this cannot be undone). The word will be returned to the Started Learning tab and you'll see that word again in your training. In some rare cases, you may want to "unskip" all of the words that you have marked as "I Know This". To do that, simply click the Remove all IKT words link at the top right of either the Ready or Quizzable tabs, and all of the words that you have skipped will be moved back into the Started Learning tab, and they will appear in your training again.

Removing a lot of IKT words may initially affect your accuracy because you have not trained on them yet. If you remove IKT words in bulk, let your teacher know.

How do I know if I was assigned a quiz or assignment?

When your teacher assigns you a quiz or a writing assignment, you'll see a full screen yellow alert when you login informing you when the quiz or assignment is due. Click the button in that alert to begin taking your quiz or assignment. If you want to wait to take it, exit out of the notification. 

You can always access pending quizzes and assignments in the Graded Work section of your dashboard, which shows your three most recent quizzes and assignments. However, you can see all of them by clicking the See all graded work link at the bottom of that card.

Which words might appear on my next quiz?

To see which words might appear on your next quiz, simply click the All words link at the top right of the Words section in your dashboard. You'll see all of the words you've encountered during your training categorized into the following tabs: Started Learning, Good Progress, Almost Ready, Ready, and Quizzable.

Click on the Quizzable tab to see a list of all the words that might appear on your next quiz. These words change almost daily, so it's important to remember that at any given time this list of words will change. For more information about why words are considered quizzable, see this support article.

Membean assessments are designed so you do not have to do any studying beyond your weekly training. The Quizzable word list can become quite long, so don't worry about studying every word on that list. Struggling with Assessments? Here's what to do.

How do I check my score on a quiz or assignment?

To see what score you received on a quiz or writing assignment, find the quiz or assignment in the Graded Work section, or click the View all graded work link at the bottom of that section. Once you find the quiz or assignment you're looking for, you'll see the grade you received, and in the case of writing assignments, you'll also see comments that your teacher has left.

How do I change my email or password?

To update your email or password, click on the user icon at the top right of your dashboard and select Settings.

You'll be taken to a page that allows you to update your name, email, password, and some of your training settings. Remember, when you update your name, it will also change your username, which you may use to sign in, so be aware when making changes to your name.

To update your password, click on the Update password link on that page.