No one wants their quiz to submit before they're done with it, but there are a few reasons this might happen when you are taking a Membean assessment. However, having your quiz auto-submit is preventable. This article will review the reasons a quiz auto-submits and how to prevent it. 

When your quiz auto-submits, all the answers you have already selected will be submitted and graded.

Follow the Instructions

When you open an assessment, you are given instructions. Your assessment does not start until you click Start Assessment. The best way to prevent your quiz from auto-submitting is to follow the instructions. 

Time Allowed Expired

Did you open your assessment only to find a bunch of your time elapsed or your quiz already timed out? This means that you opened your assessment earlier and then closed it again, probably with the thought of coming back to it later. However, when you close the quiz, the timer does not stop. Only open your assessment when you are ready to complete it from start to finish.

Membean assessments are timed, and when that time runs out, your quiz will auto-submit. The time you have left appears at the top right of your quiz. Hovering over the timer will give you the time you started with.

If you don't see the timer on your assessment, then Hide Progress Timer is enabled in your student settings. You can control this setting in your student preferences

To prevent your assessment from auto-submitting, you need to complete your assessment before the timer runs out. When the timer gets close to the end, it will turn yellow and then red to alert you that your time is almost up. 

Suspicious Activity

When you begin your assessment, your quiz will open into fullscreen mode. If you exit fullscreen or reload your assessment, you will be given a warning, and the activity will be recorded in your activity log.

If you navigate to a different tab or application or reload the page again, then your quiz will auto-submit, and it will be flagged as suspicious. 

To prevent your quiz from being auto-submitted and flagged for suspicious activity, keep the assessment in fullscreen, don't reload the page, and don't try to navigate to a different tab or application. Resist the temptation to try and cheat on your exam; it's not worth it. Instead, if you're struggling with your assessments, check out our article: What to Do When You're Struggling With Assessments