When your teacher assigns you a quiz, you will be notified when you log in to your Membean account. This article will explain how you can access and complete your assessment. 

Accessing your quiz

If you have a quiz that is active, meaning that your teacher has assigned it and you haven't taken it yet, then you will be notified each time you log in to your dashboard. When you log in, you will see a fullscreen pop-up alerting you that you have a quiz and telling you the due date. 

You can take your quiz by clicking on the alert

If you do not want to take the quiz immediately, you can exit the notification by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the notification. Once you exit the notification, you can still access your assessment by scrolling down to Graded Work and locating the active quiz under the header Quizzes. An active quiz will be marked in yellow on the left side and will display the due date and time. Open the quiz by clicking on it. 

Taking your quiz

Once you open your quiz, you will see a set of instructions with important information. Follow the three rules to prevent your quiz from auto-submitting. If your quiz has SATA questions, then you'll also be reminded that you can select more than one answer on some of the questions. 

If you are ready to complete your quiz, click Start Training. Your quiz will then open in fullscreen. 

Once you begin your assessment, the timer begins to count down. You can see the timer in the upper right corner of your screen. If you do not see the timer, then you have Hide Timers selected in your training preferences. Keep in mind, exiting the assessment does not stop the timer.

To answer questions, select the correct answer or answers by clicking on the radio buttons or checkboxes. If the question instructions say to select ALL the options that apply, then you can select multiple answers. Otherwise, select the best answer.

As you progress through your assessment, the questions answered field at the top will update, so you always know how many questions you have left to answer.

Be sure you stay in fullscreen mode the entire time you are taking your quiz, and do not reload the page. Leaving or reloading the assessment may cause your quiz to auto-submit and be flagged as suspicious.

Submitting your quiz

Once you have answered all the questions and checked your work, then it's time to submit your assessment. Click on the green Submit Assessment button at the bottom of your quiz. 

Your assessment will be graded immediately, so after you submit your quiz, you can see your score and how long you spent completing the assessment. We recommend that you take some time to review your answers and think about the questions you missed. Missing question can actually be good for your learning, but only if you take the time to figure out what went wrong. 

If you're having a hard time with your assessments, check out What to Do When You're Struggling with Assessments.