While all teachers can invite colleagues to create Membean accounts at their specific school, Membean district administrators have access to all of the schools within their district. This article will show you how to invite teachers to their respective schools. 

Inviting Teachers to Different Schools

Step 1: From your dashboard, expand the left-hand navigation panel and click Schools to see all of the schools with Membean accounts within your district. Click on the school you'd like to invite teachers to. 

Step 2: From the Teachers tab, click Invite A Teacher.  

Step 3: Enter the email address of the teacher you'd like to invite, and click Send Invite. You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas. 

Inviting Many Teachers to the Same School

If you have many teachers to invite to one of your schools, rather than entering all of their email addresses, you can simply share the school's unique join link. Just click on the link to copy it and then send it out to the appropriate school.

Each school has its own unique join code. Do not send this link out to everyone in the district, and be sure to let teachers know that they should not share this link with anyone outside of their school. This will prevent teachers from creating accounts at the wrong school.