Supported desktop browsers include: Internet Explorer 10 and up, Firefox 15 and up, Chrome 23 and up, Opera 20 and up, Safari 7 and up. This feature has also been tested with Apple iOS 7.1 and up, Samsung (and other) Android 4.4 and up phones. We do not support Opera Mobile nor Amazon Fire. Using outdated browsers can result in false positives or false negatives.

Our anti-cheating feature for assessments is an option that you can enable in preferences. Here is what the anti-cheating option does when enabled:
  • Assessments will open in full screen, so students won't have access to browser tabs or other software.
  • If a student escapes the full screen and tabs out of the exam, they will receive a warning message.
  • If a student attempts to escape a second time, the quiz will be marked as suspicious and submitted as incomplete.
  • You can see suspicious quizzes in your assessment summary. You can also issue retakes of these quizzes, if desired.

There is no guarantee that employing this feature will prevent every method of cheating. The best way to prevent cheating on quizzes is to issue them in class and have students complete them under supervision, just like any other in-class exam.

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