This article will help you understand when students receive a new word during training and the factors that affect the pace of new words.

Membean's Adaptive Reinforcement Engine

Our Adaptive Reinforcement Engine continuously analyzes every word for each student and computes a memory score based on factors within the student's training. A word that falls below a “forgetting” threshold score is a candidate for reinforcement and is added to the reinforcement queue. During each training session, words in the reinforcement queue are shown first. Once this queue is empty, the student will receive a new word. Throughout training, more words may be added to the reinforcement queue. This is because as a student trains some words may have degraded since the start of the training session.

New Words as Incentive

If a student sees 25-30 successive review questions without seeing any new words, a new word is introduced to keep them motivated. Generally, this means that a student will see at least one new word in a 15-minute session if they are engaged with their training.

Strong Memory Mode

Membean has a “Strong Memory Mode” setting available for students that removes the introduction of new words as an incentive, and just relies on the Adaptive Reinforcement Engine to distribute new words. We recommend this setting for slower learners.