Membean offers teachers the option to issue assessments. It is easy to create such assessments, so teachers can generate and administer them for their entire class in mere seconds. Each student is given a customized assessment based on their current vocabulary acquisition. This article will provide information on our assessments. 

Information on Our Assessments

Assessments are graded automatically, and the results can be viewed on the class dashboard and downloaded into a spreadsheet. Usually, students who train regularly (3 different days of the week for focused, 15-minute sessions) will have a sufficient number of words deemed quizzable after about 3 weeks of training.

We recommend teachers start with 15-question assessments and gradually increase the number of questions throughout the year. When possible, we suggest issuing pop assessments instead of scheduled assessments. If students train diligently, they will do well! Students do not have to study for assessments. Any word that is strong and/or stable in memory is fair game.