Membean assessments are personalized for every student based on their individual training. Teachers can use a variety of options to customize multiple-choice assessments, including scheduling options, question types, and number of questions. Assessments are graded automatically and teachers can access results in class reports and downloadable spreadsheets. This guide will help you issue and manage assessments for your students.

1. Creating an assessment

You can create an assessment for your class from the Assessments tab on each class dashboard. We recommend giving your first assessment after students have trained for at least one month. It takes a few weeks of diligent, consistent learning for a student to be assessment-ready.

  1. Click on the class for which you wish to create an assessment, then click on the Assessmentstab.

  2. Click Create an Assessment.

  3. Customize your assessment

    1. You can change the number of questions on the quiz. We recommend increasing the length of assessments throughout the year to increase the rigor and reinforce vocabulary retention.
    2. To view which students are prepared for the assessment, click the student count to see who is prepared. Students are determined to be prepared based on recent training.
    3. You can include multi-select questions on your students' assessments. These are more rigorous for an additional challenge.
    4. You can choose to issue an assessment to all students. This will ensure every student gets an assessment, even if they have not trained recently.

2. Editing assessment expiration

By default, assessments expire two days after they are created. You can change this to one or three days by following these easy steps:

  1. Click your name in the upper right corner, and then click Profile.
  2. Click the Preferences tab under your Account Profile.
  3. Adjust the amount of time you'd like assessments to remain active. You have the option of one, two, or three days. Be sure to click Save Changes when you've made your selection.

3. Scheduling assessments 

You can schedule assessments to be issued at a future time.

  1. Click on the class for which you wish to create an assessment.

  2. Click on the Assessments tab, then click Schedule Assessments.

  3. Customize your assessments.

    • You can set how often you would like your assessments issued and set the date and time for when the first assessment is issued. Assessments will be created at the same time at the set interval, for example an interval of 1 week beginning on a Friday at 8:00am will issue a new quiz every Friday at 8:00am for the class.
    • You can set a one time assessment for a future date using the options provided. Choose the date and time you would like the quiz to be issued. To prevent the assessment from repeating, be sure to set the End Date to occur prior to the first repeating interval.
    • You can choose the number of questions and whether to include multi-select question types.
    • You can select to force the quiz for all students. This will ensure every students gets a quiz, even if they are not prepared for one.
  4. Click Schedule.

4. Editing scheduled assessments

You may need to make changes to future scheduled assessments.

Click on the Assessments tab, then click on View Schedule.

  1. To edit a single assessment, click on the assessment from the calendar view.

  2. You will be given several options to edit your assessments
    • To change the question types and number of questions, click on the assessment within the calendar view to its details.

    • You can also drag and drop the assessments to different days.

    • If you wish to edit all of the assessments in your schedule, it's best to clear your schedule and then reschedule your assessments

      You also have the following options for your scheduled assessments:

      1. Schedule more assessments by clicking on the green Schedule Assessments button.
      2. Print your schedule.
      3. Clear schedule, which deletes all scheduled assessments.

5. Viewing assessment results

  1. From the class you'd like to view, click the Assessments tab and click the appropriate assessment date.
  2. Membean provides assessment results and options on the assessment summary page:

    1. A list of students and their scores
    2. A button to export these scores for your grade book
    3. A bar to help you see at a glance how many students have finished the assessment
    4. A checkbox to toggle between score and percentage
    5. A button to delete the assessment - this cannot be undone
Click on Assessment History to view all previous assessments for the class

6. Reissuing an assessment

You may need to reissue an assessment if a student is absent or if the student needs to retake the quiz. Reissuing an assessment will erase the student's previous assessment results.

  1. Open the assessment results for the quiz you would like to reissue

  2. Locate the student who needs a reissue. Using the drop-down menu to the right of their name, click on Reissue

  3. If multiple students require a reissue, select the students using the check boxes. Click on the Bulk Actions menu and select Bulk Reissue

7. Suspicious Assessments

An assessment can be marked as "suspicious" if the student reloads an assessment after it has been started, or if the anti-cheating flag is checked and the student attempts to navigate to another tab or window. 

You can see if any of your students' quizzes were marked as suspicious from the Assessment Summary page.

  1. Open the assessment resultsfor the quiz you would like to view.

  2. Suspicious assessments will be marked in red. If a student's assessment is marked suspicious, you can reissue the assessment.

8. Studying for Assessments

Since our assessments are personalized, students only need to do their regular training to prepare for an assessment. There is no additional assessment preparation necessary.

  • Quizzable Words

    Students will only be assessed on words they have adequately learned. Learn about what constitutes a quizzable word here.

    Words a student marked as IKT (I Know This) can appear on an assessment at any time. If necessary, you can disable the IKT option for a student.

    Students' performance on assessments is related to how consistently they have trained. You can assure your students that if they have trained regularly, then they should not have to worry about preparing for assessments.

  • Forcing an Assessment

    A student who doesn't study or has long periods of inactivity will not be ready to take an assessment. However, classroom pragmatics sometimes make it necessary to administer an assessment. We suggest that teachers intervene and ensure that students spend additional time training. You can monitor your students' training through reports.

    Once a student has trained, you can re-issue an assessment for the testing period. Some students deliberately train irregularly/poorly in order to be tested on the same bank of words for every assessment. By not forcing an assessment, these students will have to train for a few sessions before they have words deemed quizzable. You can also enable Strict Assessment Readiness, which requires students to meet the training goal before being eligible for an assessment.

  • Students who Struggle with Assessments
    Students may struggle with assessments for a variety of reasons, but studying their Quizzable Word list is not the answer. Here is some guidance on how to help students who are struggling with assessments.