This article will show you how to set up early parent pay prior to the start of the school year.

Early parent pay is only applicable to schools where parents pay for student Membean accounts. To turn on early parent pay for your school, please contact your Membean representative, or email support@membean.com.

Step 1: Navigate to Your School Dashboard

From the first page of your dashboard, use the left menu to expand School and click on My School.

Step 2: Navigate to Student Information

Click on the Students tab.

Step 3: Copy the Early Enrollment Token

The early enrollment token is a 7-digit alphanumeric code. Students and parents will use this token to enroll early and pay for their account.

Step 4: Send Early Enrollment Instructions

Let parents know that they will need to go to membean.com/enroll, enter the early enrollment token, and then follow the instructions to enroll and pay.

At the start of the school year, students will need to enroll into their teacher's class. They can do so by clicking on Change under their current class on their dashboard.