It is quick and easy to have students self-enroll using your class code. However, there may be times when you prefer to invite students to join via email, print enrollment cards, or manually create a student account. This article will show you these alternative enrollment methods.

Sending email invitations

Some school filters will block email from outside agencies. Please ask your school tech person to whitelist the email support@membean.com so your students can receive your enrollment invite.

Step 1: From your Teacher Dashboard, click on the name of your class.

Step 2: Click on the settings wheel, and then click on Invite Students.

Step 3: In the form provided, paste your students' school emails, separating them by commas. When you are finished, click Send Invitations.

Your students will receive an email inviting them to enroll into the class.

Printing enrollment cards

Step 1: From your Teacher Dashboard, click on the name of your class

Step 2: Click the settings wheel, and then click on Invite Students

Step 3: Click Print Enrollment Cards and follow your browser's instructions to print the enrollment cards.

Step 4: After you click Print to print your enrollment cards, cut out the cards, and distribute them to your students. 

Manually creating a student account

Manually creating a student account should be a rare-case event. Students will organically create accounts when they go through the enrollment process.

Step 1: Navigate to the left-hand panel, expand My Students, and click on Add a New Student.

Step 2: Fill out the provided form with the student information and click Save Student.

Step 3: Share the new credentials with the student. All usernames and passwords will follow this format:

Username: email -or- firstname_lastname_schoolcode

     Example: Emilydickinson@membean.com -or- emily_dickinson_hogwarts

Password: firstname_lastname_schoolcode

     Example: emily_dickinson_hogwarts