There may be times when you need to issue an assessment to a single student or to a small group of students within your class. The most common case is when these students need to take the assessment earlier than the rest of the class. This article will show you how to issue an assessment to specific students.

Step 1: Find the Assessments tab

Click on the Assessments tab from within the class of the student or students who need to be issued an assessment.

Step 2: Click Create Assessment

Under your Recent Assessments, click the Create Assessment button.

Step 3: Update the Issue To Field

From the Issue To dropdown, click Specific Students.

Step 4: Select Your Student(s)

From the Which Students? dropdown, select the names of the students who need a quiz. You can either select them from the roster or begin typing their names. Once you have your specific students selected, click Create. Only those specific students will receive a quiz. 

If you are issuing an assessment to select students because they need to take the assessment early, you don't have to create a brand new assessment when it comes time for the others in the class to take it. Instead, navigate to the early assessment under Recent Assessments and use the Bulk Reissue feature to assign it to the rest of the students. This will keep your Recent Assessments and Assessment History a bit tidier.

Issuing to Many Students

Have lots of students who need an assessment? It's much easier to create an assessment for the whole class and then bulk delete those who don't need it. Here's how:

Step 1: Create an assessment for All Students.

Step 2: Open the assessment. 

Step 3: Check the box at the top to select all students. 

Step 4: Uncheck the students that you want to receive the assessment.

Step 5: From the Bulk Actions dropdown, click Bulk Delete

Step 6: Confirm your bulk delete.

The assessment will be deleted for all the students left checked.