At some point, you'll likely need to reissue an assessment or create an assessment for specific students within your class. This article will explain when it's best to reissue vs. create a new assessment. 

Reissuing Assessments

Various reasons can prompt a reissue: an assessment was marked as suspicious, the student missed the assessment window, the student was absent, the student needs an easier or more challenging assessment, or maybe you’re feeling generous and want to give them a second chance. These are all situations where a reissue is the appropriate course of action. We don't recommend creating a new assessment for these cases. 

Half the class mysteriously absent on test day? You can reissue for multiple students at once using the bulk option.

Creating a New Assessment for Specific Students 

There are a couple of cases where you’ll want to create a separate assessment for specific students rather than reissuing. The most common case is when you have a student or students who need to take the assessment earlier than the rest of the class. For example, the student who is busy cruising the Caribbean during finals week. 

Another great time to use this feature is when you want to provide a student with some additional practice. Maybe you have a student who is struggling with assessments, or even specifically our SATA questions. Create an assessment for that specific student to give them a chance to practice quizzes in a low-stakes environment. 

Avoid overusing this feature, as it will become difficult to find what you’re looking for if your Assessment Summary page gets too crowded with individual assessments.