When creating a quiz, you will decide which students you would like the quiz to be issued to. This article will help you determine when you should issue a quiz to All Students, Prepared Students, or Specific Students.

The Issue To field defaults to Prepared Students Only.

Prepared Students Only

Prepared Students Only ensures that only students who have enough quizzable words in their word bank will receive the quiz. If you have Strict Assessment Readiness turned on, your students' recent training will be taken into consideration in addition to their quizzable words. 

As best practice, we recommend issuing quizzes to prepared students only. You can always reissue to those who were not prepared once they complete some training. To see which students are prepared, click on the number of students. You can then toggle between those who are and are unprepared:

All Students

All Students ensures that every student in the class, regardless of their preparedness, will receive the quiz. We don't recommend issuing to all students unless you absolutely need to. Issuing to all students means that even those who haven't been completing their Membean work will receive the quiz. If they haven't been training, they haven't been learning new words. 

Issuing to All Students will override your Strict Assessment Readiness setting.

Specific Students

Specific Students allows you to issue quizzes to individual students. The most common use case for this option is when you have a student, or a few students, who need to take the quiz before the rest of the class. You can either search your roster or begin typing the student's name. Only the students you select will receive a quiz.