Dubious minutes are accumulated training minutes of very poor or no active training. They are marked for 3 reasons:

Sandbagging: repeated inactivity in a training session

  • Sandbagging occurs when a student purposely waits to answer training questions, or lingers on a word page without actually reviewing it.
  • A session is only marked as dubious due to sandbagging if it contains three instances of 2+ minutes of inactivity.
  • For more information, please see What is sandbagging?

Disengagement: very low accuracy

  • Some students intentionally answer questions wrong by randomly clicking on choices.
  • We understand that some students take more time to comprehend new words than others, but very low accuracy is usually a sign that the student is distracted and is just going through the motions to waste time.
  • You'll notice that this behavior is often accompanied by review times of 10 seconds or less.

Cheating: using a script or looking into the code to find answers

Please Note: When we detect any of the above behaviors the entire session (add all associated minutes in that session) marked dubious.

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