Membean combines differentiated instruction, personalization, active memory reinforcement, and insightful teacher analytics into a single unique learning environment.


Here's why you should use Membean:

  • Forget forgetting. We'll ensure that a student will remember words, not just the following week, but at the end of the school year. See our memory video »
  • Self-paced. We recognize that every student is different, so we let students take responsibility for their own learning. The teacher establishes broad guidelines.

  • Captures attention. Videos, striking images, spoken audio, and fun memory hooks capture and retain student attention and motivate them to want to learn. Students become engaged with and interested in learning new vocabulary in a way they never thought possible.
  • Word questions? We have loads of them. Students work their way through increasingly difficult questions as they train.  Answering questions is good for learning. See question types »
  • Like word roots?  We have almost 1000 Greek and Latin word roots and many free educational podcasts, to which we add more every week.
  • Assessments?  Absolutely!  It takes 10 seconds to administer a personalized test to every student in class.  We'll even grade them for you.

  • Student tracking.  Student sneezed during training?  We'll let you know.  Kidding aside, you can monitor all student activity easily from your dashboard. 

There's no comparable program online or off.  Honest!