Here are four simple guidelines for effective Membean use:
  1. Employ regular, short sessions that are spaced apart throughout the week.
  2. Start quizzes after one month of learning.
    • It takes a few weeks of diligent, consistent learning for a student to be “quiz ready.”
    • Recommended use of assessments is to start with 15-questions. Increase to 30 questions after more months of regular training. Give a 50-75 question quiz once a quarter.
  3. Check goal compliance every week!
  4. Clearly communicate guidelines.
    • Let your students know that they will get questions wrong and that doing so is an important part of learning. Each time they answer a question incorrectly they should focus on reviewing a different part of the word page.
    • Explain that repetition is good -- a few seconds spent answering a question now will save many minutes if the word needs to be relearned.
    • Explain grading guidelines.
    • Explain the honor code. Membean also notifies teachers of cheating.

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