Reports identify suboptimal training patterns that your students engage in. You can easily get the supporting data you need to engage with your students to proactively address and even head off issues that arise from suboptimal training practices.

Goals Quick Start

  1. Checking for goals. How do I check how they did against that goal last week?
  2. My class is required to train for at least three days, and at least ten minutes per day. How do I check how they did last week?
  3. How can I assign partial credit for a student's partial progress towards goals?

Training Patterns Quick Start

  1. Checking for poor training patterns
  2. What are the patterns of poor training that students engage in?
  3. How do I choose the patterns of poor training that I want to monitor across my class?
  4. Why is a student seeing too many new words? Or why is a student progressing much faster than her peers?
  5. Why is a student doing poorly on quizzes?
  6. Why is a student not retaining what he has learned?
  7. How do I detect when a student is purposely wasting time/sandbagging?
  8. How can I spot potential issues early?

Suggested Fix

Once you have identified a specific poor training habit, you can utilize the "Suggested Fix" link available in that training session's details tab to evaluate potential solutions to that specific problem. A screen shot of one such "Suggested Fix" is shown below. These links only appear when there is a suboptimal training pattern detected, and only in a red tab.