If this is your first year using Membean, or if you are looking to hone your use of Membean, you are probably wondering what the Membean team suggests for best practices. This article will guide you through some things to think about while you are constructing your grading policy.

Spaced, Short Sessions

Our adaptive reinforcement engine is most effective when students employ regular, short sessions that are spaced apart throughout the week. Click here to read about our optimal training recommendations

Waiting to Issue an Assessment

It takes a few weeks of diligent, consistent learning for a student to be assessment-ready We recommend that you start with 15-questions, then increase to 30 questions after more months of regular training. Give a 50-75 question quiz once a quarter. You can also include new multi-choice multi-correct questions to increase difficulty. Click here to learn how to issue assessments.

Checking Goal Compliance Every Week

It's especially important to check goal compliance every week, especially for the first month. Your dashboard and reports show behaviors that should be immediately corrected, like the following:

Clearly Communicating Goal Compliance

  • Let your students know they will get questions wrong and that doing so is an important part of learning. Each time they answer a question incorrectly they should focus on reviewing a different part of the word page.
  • Explain that repetition is good -- a few seconds spent answering a question now will save many minutes if the word needs to be relearned.
  • Explain your grading guidelines. This helps students know exactly what you expect from them.
  • Explain the Honor Code. Membean also notifies teachers of cheating.