Welcome back to Membean! This quick-start guide is designed to help your restart Membean on the right foot.

1. Remove Last Year's Classes

If you still have your classes from last year, please remove them. Follow these steps:

  1. Login and navigate to your Teacher Dashboard.
  2. Click Manage Classes.
  3. On your Classes page click on Delete All Classes in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

Do not retain a class from last year, even if you teach the same class this year. Classes are nothing but groups of students and since you'll have a new group of students this year you should create a new class.

2. Create New Classes

Membean classes are groupings of students and do not have to follow your roster. A single class should not have more than 50 students. Steps to create a class:

  1. Navigate to your Teacher Dashboard.
  2. Click Add a Class.
  3. If you teach ESL/ELL or remedial students, be sure to check the ESL/ELL box.
  4. Set a Weekly Goal. See the next section for additional details on this important requirement.

3. Weekly Goals

You've probably set weekly time goals when creating classes last year but we'd like to remind you of why class goals are important.

  • Assessments and training pace are influenced are by class goals.
  • Class and School reports use class goals to highlight students who might be falling behind.

You can always edit the class goal during the school year.

4. Enroll Your Students

After you create your class, your students can self-enroll.

A student should continue using their accounts from last year. Students sometimes create another account because they've lost their passwords. As a teacher you can reset the password of any student at your school. If you suspect that a student created a new account please contact support@membean.com and we'll help you restore the prior account.

5. Password Reset

You can reset the password of any student at the school even if they are not currently in your class.

  1. Navigate to your Teacher Dashboard.
  2. In the Reset a Student's Password search box type in the first few letters of the student's name
  3. Click the Reset Password link.
If a student joining your class had an account at a different school, please contact us and we'll be help reset her password.

6. Transfers or Drops

The first weeks in class you are likely to have many roster changes. You can transfer a student into your class, or drop a student from your class.

  1. Navigate to your Teacher Dashboard.
  2. In the Transfer/Drop a Student search box type in the first few letters of the student's name.
  3. Click on either Transfer or Drop.

7. On Recalibration

Students will continue to use their accounts from last year. Students will see many of the same words they trained on last year to make up for the summer dip. This is expected. If you want your students recalibrated:

  • Send an email to support@membean.com with the student name and class.
  • Note: Recalibrating wipes out a student's past history and starts them on a new account.
Recalibrating needs the teacher's permission so it's fastest if you send us an email instead of having your student contact us.

8. Day one!

After enrollment is complete:

  • Calibrate: Have new students calibrate. Keep in mind that returning students will not recalibrate. Membean is a multi-year program and works best if training data remains intact over multiple years.
  • Overview: Set expectations and give your students a Membean overview.

9. Training

Now that your classes are set up and you've relayed your expectations to your students, it's time to begin training. Membean's Adaptive Reinforcement Engine guides your students through word pages and questions.

10. Reports

Checking on student training is particularly important within the first month. Not only will this show your investment in Membean to your students, but will allow you to address and correct suboptimal training early on.

Learn more about what to look out for on reports here.

11. Assessments

You can generate or schedule assessments for your entire class in seconds. You can navigate to this by clicking on the name of the class from the first page of your dashboard, and then clicking on the Assessments tab.

Each student is given a customized assessment based on their current vocabulary acquisition.

Assessments are graded automatically, and the results can be downloaded into a spreadsheet. Usually, students who train regularly will have sufficient words deemed 'quiz-ready' in about a month.

Some guidelines for assessments:

  • Start with 15-question assessments weekly or bimonthly, and gradually increase the number of questions over the course of the year.
  • When possible, issue pop assessments instead of scheduled assessments. If students train diligently, they will do well!
  • Students do not have to study for assessments, and we do not publish a list of words that might show up on the assessment. Any "reasonably learned" word is fair game.

12. More Things You Can Do

There are a few other helpful things to consider when getting started with Membean:

Membean is a fun, personalized, and interactive way to learn vocabulary. We have teachers who use Membean for class competitions, marathons, and to inspire writing assignments. If you'd like further examples, feel free to contact us at support@membean.com, and we'd be happy to brainstorm with you.