Welcome back to Membean! This quick-start guide will help you restart Membean on the right foot.

1. Delete Last Year's Classes

Old student data, like assessments and training fidelity, will still be attached to your old classes. It is best to delete these classes and create new classes for your current students.

From your Teacher Dashboard, click on Delete All Classes.

Confirm deletion by typing DELETE and clicking Delete All Classes.

2. Create New Classes

Membean classes do not have to follow your roster. For example, you can create a class for your ELL or special needs students to monitor them more closely and assign them different goals. Classes should be no larger than 50 students.

Here are the steps for creating a class:

  1. From the first page of your dashboard, click on the plus sign.
  2. Fill out the form to best fit your class's needs. Don't forget to click Save.

You can learn more about the different options for class creation here.

3. Grading Cycles

Grading Cycles are an important class function. Reports rely on Grading Cycles to collate data. You can use reports to see which students are struggling, and who is excelling. You can always edit the Grading Cycle during the school year.

4. Enroll Your Students

After you create your class, your students can self-enroll.

  1. Find the Class Code by clicking on a class from your Teacher Dashboard. class code
  2. Give the Class Code to your students. You can print out class code cards or you can invite your students to join by email.
  3. Have your students visit http://membean.com/enroll and enter their class code.
Students should continue using their accounts from last year. If you suspect a student created a duplicate account, please contact support@membean.com. We will help you locate the old account.

5. Password Reset

You can reset the password of any student in your school, even if they are not in your class.

  1. From your Teacher Dashboard, scroll down to the Reset a Student's Password search box.
  2. Type the first few letters of the student's name, or until you see their name in the drop-down list.
  3. Click Reset Password.
If one of your students has a Membean account at a different school, please contact support@membean.com. We will reset the student's password and transfer the account to your school.

6. Transfers and Drops

If you have roster changes, you can transfer a student into your class, or drop them from your class.

  1. From your Teacher Dashboard, scroll down until you see the Transfer/Drop a Student search box.
  2. Type the first few letters of the student's name, or until you see their name in the drop-down list.
  3. Click on either Transfer or Drop.

7. Recalibration

If students used Membean last school year, they do not need to recalibrate their accounts at the start of the new school year. Membean will reinforce review to make sure students remember last year's words. However, if you would like a student recalibrated, email support@membean.com with the student name. We will recalibrate the account for you.

Recalibrating erases all student training, assignments, and assessments, starting them afresh.

8. Day One!

After enrollment is finished:

  • Have new students calibrate. Keep in mind that returning students will not recalibrate.
  • Set expectations and give your students a Membean overview.

9. Training

Now that your students are enrolled and calibrated, it's time to begin training! Membean's Adaptive Reinforcement Engine guides your students through word pages and questions.

We recommend that you try training like a student yourself.

10. Reports

Checking student training reports, especially within the first month of using Membean, will let you address and correct suboptimal training early on.

Learn more about reports here.

11. Assessments

You can generate or schedule assessments for your entire class in seconds. From your Teacher Dashboard, click on the name of the class, and then click on the Assessments tab.

Each student will receive a customized assessment based on their recent training.

Assessments are graded automatically, and results can be downloaded from your gradebook. Students who train regularly will have sufficient words deemed quizzable in about one month.

Some guidelines for assessments:

  • Start with 15-question assessments weekly or bimonthly, and gradually increase the number of questions over the course of the year.
  • You can issue pop assessments instead of scheduling assessments. If students train diligently, they will do well!
  • Students can study for assessments by training. Any "reasonably known" word is fair game for assessments.

12. More Things You Can Do

Here are a few helpful things to consider when getting started with Membean:

Membean is a fun, personalized, and interactive way to learn vocabulary. We have teachers who use Membean for class competitions, marathons, and writing assignments. If you'd like more examples, feel free to contact us at support@membean.com. We'd be happy to brainstorm with you.